Robin Merrill, Executive Partner

Robin Merrill

Robin is an Executive Partner with Impact 2:52 and leads our Professional Coaching and Leadership Development practice. As a Senior Associate with GiANT Worldwide she consults with individuals & executive teams to maximize their influence and effectiveness. Robin plays an important role with all our partner companies.

The GiANT Worldwide leadership design works because we use a “leadership language’’ that is a common, viral vocabulary, combined with “visual tools” that are simple, scalable and sustainable to produce transformation in personal growth and team effectiveness. This approach creates a “multiplication process” within a company so that everyone is informed, trained, coached or apprenticed.

We believe that the core to leadership development and life transformation is serving others and being a liberator to all those you have influence on by giving them high support and high challenge that comes from a heart of genuine love and concern.

Impacting and influencing those around me has been my ultimate goal in life. I have had the privilege of mentoring, discipling and coaching teenagers and young adults along with parents and families in order to promote healthier perspectives and better communication.

One of my most enjoyable experiences I have had throughout my life was while working for Emory Healthcare when I was a part of developing and implementing the Department of Care Transformation. During this time, I enjoyed integrating patients and families into significant conversations and decision making processes all throughout the Emory Healthcare system.

I am incredibly passionate about being intentional with relationships and partnering with organizations that invest in others, such as the two boards that I serve on: Faithful Servants Mission (Costa Rica & Panama) and Peace Preparatory Academy (Atlanta).