Daniel Spencer, Chief of Staff

Daniel Spencer

Daniel joined the Impact 2:52 team in 2018. He wears multiple hats for the organization, focusing on coordinating with the Executive team to provide high-quality services for functions including but not limited to HR, IT, Marketing, Operational Management, Accounting, Finance, and outside consulting opportunities across multiple businesses. He has a background in start-ups and has held multiple leadership positions in the hospitality and automobile industries.

Taking pride in Impact 2:52’s culture based on Christian principles, Daniel is all in for the mission to “inspire, influence, and impact all for the glory of God.” Daniel has a heart for people and believes that true leadership begins with yourself. He has made personal development a life-long goal and seeks to expand his influence and grow as an individual with the incredible team at Impact 2:52. He hopes that through his intentional living, he will be able to inspire others to maximize their potential.