Impact 2:52 Management, LLC is an area director for the D-BAT Corporate office. The company is led by Chad Merrill, Mike Moye, and Casey Cavell. Casey was the founder of D-BAT in Atlanta, GA. Casey spent three years crafting a systematic process that detailed the most efficient way to conduct business. During Casey’s first year of operation they were able to create a state of the art facility that generated an establishment that housed 500 members, while also winning Franchise of the Year honors nationwide.

In 2014, Casey partnered with Chad Merrill and Mike Moye to form a corporate dream team. Casey realized that in order to help D-BAT reach its full potential he needed to bring in others who brought others skills and resources to the table. It has been a tremendous partnership, and the foundation has been laid to grow D-BAT locations throughout the country.

Area Director

The Impact 2:52 Management team has become an area developer and management company for D-BAT owners nationwide. They have a unique process that has been the single force behind their successful operation. Their process, coupled with systems, trainings, and support makes Impact 2:52 Management a competitive advantage in starting any new D-BAT location.

As a management company, they are able to provide back office services such as payroll, financial support, human resources, marketing, scheduling, and other various activities. Enlisting the Impact team as a management resource is a move that significantly increases the ability for each D-BAT facility to reach its full potential.



Founded in 1998, D-BAT the baseball and softball training facility franchise and equipment company provides indoor and outdoor practice facilities, professional instruction and a nationally recognized D-BAT product line for baseball and softball players of all ages and ability levels.

From developmental youth camps and private lessons… to the latest equipment and hottest apparel, D-BAT is your premier baseball and softball training center and provider of superior wood bats, gloves, baseballs and training aids.

Competitive Advantage

  • D-BAT incorporates seven revenues streams allowing franchisees to generate multiple income streams that other baseball / softball academies do not offer.
  • D-BAT Sports manufactures merchandise ranging from batting gloves, pine tar and eye black – to wooden bats that many Professional players swing at the Minor and Major League level. Because we manufacture various products, every franchise benefits in LOWER PRODUCTION COSTS and HIGHER GROSS MARGINS in your Pro Shop. In addition to selling D-BAT products, (line-up cards, pine tar, eye black, etc) each franchise enjoys the lowest available pricing with major retailers due to the buying power through the D-BAT Corporate office.
  • The combined experience of the D-BAT Corporate Team ranges from former business executives to past professional ball players. This winning combination of business acumen and baseball knowledge provides each franchise with the necessary tools to effectively operate their facility with the best business practices and most effective teaching methods.

D-BAT Franchise Training Facilities, Wood bats, Gloves, Batting Gloves and Baseball and Softball Accessories.