Impact 2:52 is a Management Firm and Business & Leadership Consulting Company. We work with existing businesses owners, management teams & aspiring entrepreneurs. We often help evaluate business opportunities.

Chad Merrill, Robin Merrill, Mark Spears, and Hammond Moore lead the company. They each bring a diverse background, unique set of skills, and prior business successes that makes the company effective in multi-disciplines. You can learn more about the Impact 2:52 team by clicking here.

The Impact team was formed out of a business partnership when the partners first bought the D-BAT Baseball & Softball Academy in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. The team realized that they had a systematic way to run not only D-BAT but also other business and then came together to form Impact. The goal was to take their skill set and create a simple, scalable, and sustainable business models where others companies and business owners could benefit.

Soon after the Impact team was formed, they started getting requests from other business owners that were seeking to improve various aspects of their business. As with most small businesses, there are daily struggles. Impact understands because we have been there. Our mission is to come alongside entrepreneurs and provide practical strategies to enhance their business effectiveness and expand their influence as leaders.

Impact has a team that specializes in helping companies remain healthy and strong.

– Becoming a Leader worth Following
– Developing a Healthy Culture
– Hiring the Right Type of People
– Staff Training and Development
– Creating Systems to Run the Business
– Operational Management and Efficiencies
– Marketing and Sales Plans
– Financial Best Practices

Area Director for D-BAT Academies

The Impact 2:52 Management team has also become an area developer and management company for D-BAT Baseball & Softball Academy franchise owners nationwide. Click here to learn more about D-BAT. They have a unique process that has been the single force behind the numerous successful D-BAT academies, that they own and manage. Their process, coupled with systems, trainings, and support makes Impact 2:52 Management a competitive advantage in starting any new D-BAT location or for a current D-BAT owners looking to improve their business.

As a management company, they are able to provide back office services such as payroll, financial support, human resources, marketing, scheduling, and other various activities. Enlisting the Impact team as a management resource is a move that significantly increases the ability for each D-BAT facility to reach its full potential.