Impact 2:52 is Seeking Strategic Partners

Impact 2:52 is seeking strategic partners to create simple, scalable, and sustainable businesses that are built to leave a legacy. Impact is in the business of helping currently operating businesses become more lean and profitable by implementing systems and processes to impact the bottom line.

Whether you are a struggling business owner or an entrepreneur that is trying to manage growth, Impact and their team has experience helping in each situation.

Impact has a team that is experienced in scaling businesses, getting a business sold on the open market, and helping distressed business owners manage the stresses of the day-in-day-out business grind.

Impact is also looking for the next wave of entrepreneurs that are looking to take their own concept to market or looking to build a brand of business on their own. If you are looking to start your own business or develop a product that you have in market, Impact can help. If you are willing to outwork your competition and partner with others who can help you outsmart them, then you are at the right place. Impact and its members have been successfully operating businesses and developing start up companies for years and are now in the people development business looking to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs, destined to change the world.

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